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Woodbine Harness: Thursday 11/23 Analysis

EmailBEST BET – A BOY NAMED SUUZZ - 9TH SPOT PLAY – MANHATTAN EXPRESS - 4TH Race 1 - $50,000 Guaranteed Pick Five Pool Race 4 - $50,000 Guaranteed Pick Four Pool PICK 5: 4,6,8/2,6,9/1,5/6,7,8/1,5,7,8 = $43.20 EARLY PICK 4: 6,7,8/1,5,7,8/4,5,6/1...

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Reviews For The Easily Distracted: Coco

Title: CocoDescribe This Movie In One Simpsons Quote: Patty: This is Selma taking a siesta.Bart: Ay, caramba! Brief Plot Synopsis: Child goes to the afterlife and it's actually not entirely tragic.Rating Using Random Objects Relevant To The Film: ...