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Broadband Access Challenges Remain

An update on the challenges to improving and expanding broadband service in mostly rural areas of Nevada County was the topic of a roundtable discussion at the County Tech Hub on Thursday. Chelsea Walterscheid is the program coordinator of...

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The Psychology of Perceiving Uncertainty

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth installment in “Off Guard,” a series on surprise in war inspired by a new CSIS study. Read the rest of the series here. Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush saw different worlds in early 2003, but shared a common belie...

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Russian criminal tattoos – in pictures

These photographs of prisoners’ tattoos were collected by Arkady Bronnikov from the mid-1960s­ to mid-1980s. An expert in criminalistics, he visited correctional institutions across the Soviet Union to collect photos to help to understand the tattoo...