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PNG facing development challenges

Papua New Guinea continues to face serious development challenges, says Australia’s latest Foreign Policy White Paper. Its population of about 8 million – 40 percent under the age of 15 – is projected to reach 18 million by 2050, the white paper note...

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Cannot load any challenges

Nota: Los puntos de vista y asesoria que expreso aquí son míos y no reflejan necesariamente la posicion oficial de Lenovo.Es importante recalcar también que los foros suplementan los recursos de los usuarios de Lenovo pero no reemplazan el servici...

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Beginner Algorithm Challenges Advice

Hey @andaddis,first of all, don’t get discouraged if things get difficult. Some problems may only seem hard to start with, but with persistence and perseverance, you can overcome any challenge that you face. What you need to find out for you...

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Profiting from new challenges

As the profile, living habits, and needs of New Zealand's population changes, it is no surprise the nation's infrastructure requirements are similarly morphing. Take the example of demographics, canvassed by Paul Newfield, Chief Investment Officer...