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Heloise: Data deletion

Dear Heloise: Most people think that by deleting material on their computer, they have effectively erased all of their past PERSONAL DATA. Well, they haven’t! If you are going to dispose of an old computer, it’s always best to make sure...

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No ifs and Butts about it

Playing against those older, more developed and with more experience has always been the norm for Jordon Butts. Born on December 31, 1999, Butts, 17, has only just finished his Year 11 exams at Goulburn Valley Grammar School. B...

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School Officer - Learning Support

About this job Description: To provide literacy and numeracy assistance and support for students with additional needs at St Paul's Primary School, Rutherford for 18.75 hours per week. Position Requirements: must have a competent level of literacy a...

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About this job Description: (K - 6, Enrolment 499) The coordinator is a member of the School's executive team, which comprises the Principal, Assistant Principal and Religious Education Coordinator. As a member of this team, the Coordinator will off...