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Excess winter deaths 'have soared'

EXCESS winter deaths in the East Midlands have soared by more than half in a year. Between December 2016 and March 2017, there were an estimated 3,200 excess winter deaths in the region, meaning deaths in winter were 23% higher than the rest of the y...

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Angel Number 1609 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 1609Asking you to remember your intuitions and instinctual thoughts, Angel Number 1609 reminds you that your angels are speaking to you about the things that matter most in your life right now. This is true...

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Number Crunchers: Pro Cycling Stats

RacingPosted on 24.11.1724.11.17“You must be some kind of nerd to visit out website”. We sincerely hope not, as PCS is the single most useful cycling database on the worldwide web. Founder Stephan van der Zwan tries to eas...

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Stop the senseless comparisons

Sin Chew Daily The education ministry has released this year's Primary School Evaluation Test (UPSR) results based on the new model. Four school-based reports will be released, namely UPSR, Class-Based Assessment (PBD), Physical Activity, Sports, and...