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Gemini horoscope November 24th 2017

November 23, 2017 by AndreasDaily Gemini horoscope summary Time to step up and take a forward-looking attitude towards life and all it’s problems, Friday November 24th 2017 should be a day blessed with energy and creativity.These feelings will likel...

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Horoscope Gemini / 25 th November 2017

Love and partnership No, it is not a disaster, if your partner doesn't agree to everything you say today. You should be happy that you have them to correct your opinions. You tend to evaluate your own opinion in a slightly excessive and positi...

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Gemini - November 22nd. 2017

Do not be nervous when you meet high-profile people on your way. Your good health is the key to a stable and healthy economy. If you need money, your parents will come to your aid. You will need to learn new skills, if you w...